Food Truck Food

@ 23/04/2021 18:00 GMT

Mike Weller

Hosted by 18 Reasons
Cost $40-50
With the weather heating up,, it is time for some bright and hearty Food Truck Food! Some huge fun flavors, like a chili-spiked papaya agua fresca! A piadina Caesar salad – quick Italian flatbread rolled around the blast of garlic, anchovy, and Parmigiano-dressed spears of Romaine. No baby greens for this grown-up salad! Then we will finish our salute to the Spring with a two-handed sandwich…no, that is too wimpy a word…lets go with a “Grinder”: one hearty roll of great bread, split and slathered with a foundation of white bean puree, stacked with juicy cumin scented lamb, piled high with crunchy cucumber and pickled onion salsa and feta cheese, then drizzled with the one-two punch of spicy harissa yogurt!

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