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These classes can be posted and hosted from anywhere in the World. Chefs can cook and share any dishes and any cuisine types.
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All for the love of food
CookalongLIVE is a FREE service!

CookalongLIVE is run by a foodie community (mostly) from the UK. Join in for FREE.

CookalongLIVE The Home of Virtual Cooking Classes

At CookalongLIVE, we are a foodies community who strongly believe... "People who cook and eat together are best people." :-D

Anyone can showcase their dishes - would you like to have a go at teaching live classes? Sharing some wholesome home-cooked food or a fancy dish from an exotic place. Join in with other cooks to practise and perfect your culinary skills.

To host it is easy to organise. You can start the journey now.

The fun of the CookalongLIVE:
  • Engage with other chefs who love cooking
  • Showcase your cooking talents and learn new dishes
  • Share and grow your skills with our friendly community
  • Grow your audience - you might become the next celeb chef!
  • Unlimited viewing online through our social channels
  • Videos showcased on our website - share and watch back your recipes/cooking

CookalongLIVE Find your perfect class!

In season one and two of CookalongLIVE we hosted over 50 virtual events (see them all below). As lockdown comes to an end we are going to turn it on its head... we NOW LIST ALL COOKING CLASSES FROM AROUND THE WORLD!

We are here to help connect you and cookery class providers, and to help you HOST YOUR OWN COOKALONG. Just fill out the form to POST YOUR CLASS.

All for the love of food - NO CHARGE FOR THE SERVICE!


Cookalong LIVE How it works

The home of virtual cooking classes: your search tool for cooking classes.

It's FREE TO LIST COOKING CLASSES HERE. You can also book a private class with our team. Join our community of home cooks and get notifications about forthcoming classes straight to your inbox. Its a fun, friendly virtual cooking community... and you are invited to join in.

How to find a class....
1) Sign up to get notifications about classes. [CLICK HERE]
2) Check the website and emails to find your perfect class
3) Book with the class provider or join via the links.
4) Cook your dishes and share your photos with us @cookalonglive

* You can join our WhatsApp group too... ideal if you have any questions before or after the show.

Why not host your own CookalongLIVE with us?! We've made it really simple. Maybe its your first step to becoming a celebrity chef!!


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Video from our Cookalong LIVE on 27th June 2020, see the other 50+ past cookalongs we have hosted.

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