Korean Kimchi

@ 28/04/2021 18:30 GMT

Chef Yim

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Cost £33
Korean food, represented by Kimchi and “Jang” (Korean sauce), which are fermented over long periods of time, are typical slow foods. Slow foods trend focus on health and nature, an excellent overall choice for an eating lifestyle that helps prevent diseases and obesity. Korean cuisine is also characterised as a low calorie food which is mainly cooked by boiling or steaming to improve the flavour of seasonal ingredients.

Interested to learn about the refined Korean cuisine and how to make it at home, including traditional dishes, vegetarian, temple and vegan food? Then don’t miss this opportunity!

We are honoured to have our Master chef who is often called upon for major events such as Korean food demonstrations to Ambassadors around the world, World Food Festivals etc, to host our virtual events on a regular basis. He will introduce you step by step, to the concept, ingredients and show you how to cook healthy, authentic and delicious Korean food.

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Virtual cooking class @ 28/04/2021 18:30GMT


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