Seasonal Mini Quiches

@ 14/11/2020 11:00 GMT

Becky Mears (Season Well)

Hosted by Marni Xuto (Thai Food Made Easy)
Becky's passion for the fresh and seasonal as well as offering up vegan alternatives mean these quiches can be a great alternative for the more selective Christmas Day guests. Becky will chat through the vegan version - making the pastry vegan by using hard margarine instead of butter. Becky runs a social enterprise, SeasonWell, who are passionate about enabling people to eat more sustainably for their well being and the wellbeing of the planet. She is spreading her passion about how to cook with local, seasonal produce and even have a go at growing your own food. When food is eaten in season it is at it's tastiest and most nutritious. If we eat what can be grown locally it needs less energy to grow, to store and to transport so has less impact on the planet's resources. We are also committed to improving the physical and mental wellbeing of those we work with. What helps you feel great? Getting together with friends over lovely food and drink. Becky runs cooking classes and workshops ( online as well as in-person) and works with organisations to help them set up their own food growing and cooking programmes.

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