The Arabesque Table

@ 25/04/2021 23:00 GMT

Reem Kassis

Hosted by Milk Street Live
Cost $24.95
Reem Kassis understands that a cuisine with a sense of place isn’t limited by borders. The writer, chef and author of the new book “The Arabesque Table” (Phaidon, 2021) was raised in Jerusalem, lives in Philadelphia, and knows how Arab-style cookery connects her family across continents and time zones. Join us to cook along with Kassis and learn about the fluid and cross-cultural nature of cuisine. As we make two breakfasts -- or anytime-dishes -- we will learn about food, ingredients and cuisine culture. We’ll consider and celebrate the beauty of learning from one another even as we appreciate and highlight our unique national histories. The recipes included in class are:

Narjissiyeh, a savory ground meat and egg breakfast that is straight out of a 10th century cookbook adapted and simplified for today
Almond and Pine Nut Cake with Rosewater and Date, a sweeter breakfast option chock full of the fascinating history of the almond. (Looking for a great rosewater? We love this one from Mymouné. Use promo code ROSEWATER for 10% off your order of this product.)

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